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Team Building

Team Building

Team Building 

The Process of Developing the Collective Skills of Individuals Within a Group So That They Interact With Each Other to Effectively Make Decisions and Solve Problems

When we assess your team we look for

  • Team communications

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making

  • Group characteristics

  • Team characteristics

  • Team skills

  • Critical Team Skills

We have a team assessment product which will give the team the insight to develop and perform like a real team

Team Assessment Program

Team Member Behavior Analysis – A 40 item 360° questionnaire that provides teams and individual team members with feedback about how their personal behaviors are perceived by and affect other team members.

Team Empowerment Practices Test – A 25 item objective test that can be used by facilitators or by self-directed teams as a tool to help explain the concept of  team-based empowerment. Content ranges from open  communication and cultural change to interpersonal relationships, facilitative leadership and collaboration.

 Self-Directed Team Assessment – A 30 item questionnaire based on studies identifying specific work environment conditions that are required to achieve optimum team effectiveness. Also provides feedback to teams about  current team effectiveness levels compared with established  team goals.

Team Leader Skills Assessment – A paired comparison questionnaire that measures 8 sets of proficiencies crucial to successful team leadership. Assesses a team leader’s  focus on action, improvement, development, character, performance, contact, team interaction and relationships. Complete set of 40 instruments includes administration  guides for each instrument title.