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Operator Assessment

Even with years of experience and training equipment operators can have accidents. The leading causes of accidents can be traced back to;

  • Rushing

  • Fatigue

  • Frustration

  • Complacency

Which result in the operator’s;

Eyes and or mind not focused on what he or she is doing Inadvertently walking into the path of a hazard Slipping tripping or falling

Without some form of proof of demonstrated ability to operate such as a ticket, companies are at the mercy of government agencies and or insurance companies to prove that their operator was competent. Large companies that subcontract their work also want some proof that the companies they subcontract with are safe and that their people are trained. One can get a ticket or a license to operate a car, truck or even a forklift. Other piece of equipment are not as easy to determine and quantify ability to operate.

Robert can cost effectively quantify the skills of your operators. We have many satisfied clients who have operators certified in all of these (articulating loaders to Zamboni’s) and many other types of equipment. The Train the Trainer Program Is essential for any industrial operation.