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Labour/HR Consulting

Recent experience has demonstrated that non-union employers have become much more vulnerable to organizing campaigns. It is essential for any non-union employer to be in the best possible position to defend against an organizing campaign by a trade union. It is our view that in order to best position the company, you should conduct a formal review of your employment practices, employee communication mechanisms and supervisory training programs in order to ensure that all necessary steps are being taken. In our view this type of program is important notwithstanding that you may have already implemented many positive employment practices.

We have negotiated in excess of 125 first collective agreements. The information obtained during the bargaining when all truths are put on the table would stagger your imagination. Here is a very short list of complaints made  by employees as why they sought out a Union and why they felt they needed protection:

  • We never knew what the manger was going to do, every day he changed his mind;

  • The staff were always leaving or getting fired, we had to always do the training;

  • My manger always asked me for advice;

  • Other employees in other departments have it better;

It is a well known fact of life that everyone is not good at everything. You are probably very good at what you do! WE all know we cannot be good at everything, that is why you need a professional.

Do you have an HR  department or manager? How many union organization drives have they defeated? Can they tell you honestly that your business is not "low hanging fruit" waiting to be plucked by a Union?

Losing to Unions is not inevitable! So if you really don't want a union, then you will need a professional to assist you and your HR department.

The comprehensive contents of our workshop or audit  can help you oppose or prevent a successful union assault. Our  systems  are designed to satisfy both your need for proven easily-understood union avoidance information, and your sense of urgency. Our workshop  will also help those companies who are already unionized and wish to legally encourage their employees to decertify the union as bargaining agent.

Training supervisors

Many organizing campaigns are started as a result of the conduct, employment practices and attitudes displayed by front-line supervisors. Because of their day to-day contact with employees, well-trained supervisory staff are critical to fostering positive employee relations.

Supervisors sometimes make comments or take actions which they feel will assist the employer in defending against an organizing campaign. Unfortunately, because of insufficient training, these statements or actions are often considered by the Labour Board to be violations of the Labour Relations Act. you  will be held responsible for the statements of  your supervisors even if those statements are made away from the workplace. Accordingly, it is extremely important for supervisors to be trained how to respond to questions and comments made in the course of an organizing campaign and how to deal with problem situations as they arise

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