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Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper

Do you ever wonder what is happening to your procedures? Your franchise is always being tested by your customers at a very huge cost to you (they don't come back).  Receptionist is supposed to answer the phone in a way that reflects well on your business, does she do this always?.

Your sales representatives have specific procedures to follow when dealing with your customers, are they driving sales away?

What time are your satellite business closing, what time are they opening and absolutely ready for business? Do you have a no cell phone policy for your staff, are they following it or are they busy on the phone when they should be looking after your customers or at least watching to ensure that your products are not being stolen.

Is everything being rung into the till during the day or late night shifts, how do you know? Have a camera? How many hours of video can you watch?

We will give you a full report on our findings based on your needs and procedures. Contact us in confidence