Successful Manager Program

The Successful Manager Program consists of a group of modules designed to move your managers/supervisors into a highly effective team.  You will start to see results before your managers/supervisors have completed the training. You will start to see a more loyal motivated  workforce, less turnover and employees who will have no need for a third party (union).

The Successful Mangers Program modules

Phase One

Management Training Needs Analysis will  show the manager the areas that training would benefit him/her. This tool will also show you if your money is being well spent or if you should trade the manager in for future considerations. If a person does not intrinsically have what it takes to be a manager/supervisor, no amount of training will change that. You would be wasting your money to try and change that out come.

Once we have determined what training (if any) is required, we can start on the core training first:

Once  the core training has been completed, it is recommended that the manager be given some time to practice the skills learned. As always, we offer a 3 month window of no charge access for your managers should they have any questions. They will be given a toll free number which will connect them to their trainer directly for follow up.

Total Quality Leadership

Phase Two

Leadership Effectiveness Profile  

Leadership Effectiveness Program

Supervisor Skills Test

Supervisory Skills Builder

Key Benefits

  • Develops managers who can manage
  • Defeats the main cornerstone of Union organization
  • Lowers turn over & creates a succession plan
  • Generates motivated employees
  • Reduces legal costs associated with dismissals & Union drives
  • Improves profit due to mangers being more effective
  • Generates more free time for you the owner