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The Successful Supervisor Part One ,  learning instrument that will familiarize you with key interaction skills that are necessary for effective supervisory leadership.

There are three parts to this program. In Part I you will be given a pre-test that consists of 60 true-false items, each measuring an important key principle of supervisory leadership. Read each test item and indicate whether you believe that it is true or false. When you have completed the test you will calculate a base line score. The purpose of this part of the program is to help you assess the current level of your knowledge about supervisory leadership interaction skills.

Part II of the program consists of 6 sections, each representing a key skill dimension:

  • Communication

  • Coaching & Counseling

  •  Employee Motivation

  •  Empowerment

  •  Leadership

  • Team Building

In this part of the program ten key principles of each of the above skill dimensions will be presented.  Each numbered principle corresponds with a test item of the same number. The purpose of this part of the program is to familiarize you with each supervisory leadership principle and its rationale.

Lastly, Part III is a retest of the principles which you studied in Part II. After completing the test in Part III you can then compare your final test results with your base line score in Part I to determine the extent to which you have improved your understanding of supervisory leadership skill principles. If your final test score indicates that you would benefit by reviewing the learned principles you can "jump" back to Part II and restudy those principles in which you still need reinforcement.