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Leadership Effectiveness Program

How can you develop the leadership skills of your workforce? It’s a high priority challenge because leadership is not easy to define or practice – and some people spend their entire lives trying to get it right.

The Leadership Effectiveness Workshop, is a complete training program  we use to train leaders and would-be leaders at all levels of your organization.

The workshop focuses on eight skills and characteristics considered necessary
for effective leadership in any setting:
• Emotional intelligence
• Contextual thinking
• Directional clarity
• Creative assimilation
• Change orchestration
• People enablement
• Reciprocal communication
• Driving persistence

The workshop is organized into four sections that can be delivered in a 16-hour or two-day interactive session or adjusted to suit your specific needs.

Section One emphasizes the ability to know yourself, understand your team,
formally assess capability and agree on leadership ground rules.

Section Two focuses on how to provide directional clarity and set tangible goals and targets.

Section Three, participants will learn how to lead by example and take
measured risks.

Section Four clarifies how to appraise team performance, reward and recognize success and invite feedback and adjust style.