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Our Team of Professionals

We would like to introduce our team of  professional trainers, advisors &  consultants.  They are our most prized asset and represent the core of what makes Advanced Labour Solutions so unique, and so successful. Our  team members are experts in their specialized fields and they all share a firm commitment to the Advanced Labour Solutions vision, mission and the importance of the concept of Positive Employee Relations.

Our trainers draw from years of practical and teaching experience and are specifically trained in the development and delivery of our targeted programs. They bring to the Advanced Labour Solutions team a wide scope of skills and expertise from a wide variety of industries, ranging from education, business and public sectors. Our trainers and consultants have developed a strong reputation from their highly innovative and advanced teaching and training approaches, which focus on empowering our clients for success.

Please click on the individual team leaders  name and  see a brief review of their credentials.

     Don W Ewart   Robert Graham   Bruce Hoggard   James Cardinal

Our community Racing Team    

What Differentiates Us
Our team of specialists is what makes us extremely effective and self-confident. We have assembled a team of professionals that come from a wide range of backgrounds, including Labour & Negotiation International Business, Safety, Hospitality, Academia, Conflict Resolution, Government Risk Management, as well as Businesses Management, to provide expert knowledge in every line of business for every industry no matter the continent.