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International Business Development & Executive training


     Bruce Hoggard MBA,F.C.InstM,MMIS/OS

        823 Brookhurst Bay
        Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada S7V 1G1
        Telephone: (306) 374-6747
        Fax: (306) 979-4912

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Management Consultant

International Marketing Expert

Cultural Advisor




Bruce's  international marketing experience is recognized by the Marketing Institution of Canada (F.C.InstM.) and the Marketing Institute of Singapore (MMIS/OS). Because of his contribution to and support of the Canadian Institute of Marketing Bruce was awarded his Fellowship in the Institute in 1999. These professional designations further enhance a Master of Business Administration in International Marketing and Business.

Bruce was the driving force behind Canada joining the Asia Pacific Marketing Federation (APMF), and since 1997 has been Canada's representative on the Asia Pacific Marketing Federation Board of Directors. The APMF is an organization representing the Marketing Institutes and Associations from 17 Asia Pacific countries. In 2001, Bruce became the chairman of the Canadian Institute of Marketing. These two positions have allowed him to interact with elderly statesmen, Corporate chairman, senior business people and government officials in Canada and throughout Europe and Asia.

From an educational perspective Bruce is on the faculty at the University of Saskatchewan, since 1992, and the Graduate Business School St. Gallen (KS GBS) in Switzerland, since 1999. Bruce teaches several courses which include international marketing and inter-cultural management. The courses are delivered to fourth year students and to mature students taking their post graduate programs while working for companies such as Swiss Air, ABB, UBS, Citibank and Philips to mention a few. In 1996 five of Bruce's University of Saskatchewan students, under his coaching, won 2nd place in a business competition in Singapore, defeating over 120 other competitors. Bruce also delivers numerous international business and marketing seminars in North America, Europe and Asia.

In 1999, Bruce traveled to Hong Kong to receive the Business Excellence Award for his work in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Presented at the Governor's Banquet by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, the award recognized his service innovation and creativity in securing clients in the region and in assisting other companies in their efforts to develop the Chinese market.

Bruce's International network of contacts, both business and personal, extend over 25 countries and is a result of having lived and worked in England and Singapore, his frequent travel to Asia and Europe as well as his volunteer commitments with the Institute of Marketing, Institute of Management Consultants, and the Provincial Exporters Association to name just a few.

Call Bruce directly at 306-374-6747 or email Bruce