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:: leaders are not born
The concept of "he's a born leader" is just that, a concept.

In order to be an "effective" leader the manager today must  be capable of demonstrating work related behaviors  in order to
effectively lead and motivate employees in today’s work

The effective leader can assesses situational and contingency leadership skills by evaluating
which leadership styles managers and other employees are
most likely to need; how well they can determine which leadership style is most effective in a given situation; and how well they can modify their behavior to achieve superior leadership performance will dictate how effective a leader he or she is.

Are you or your managers effective leaders?


Leadership Training

This is a "tried and tested" series of assessment, training and simulation games, exercises and role plays. These excellent programs have been developed so that they can fast track rising stars and weed out the imposters. In addition, the context of the material is sufficiently broad so that, the training can be applied to employees at any organizational

Subjects covered include:
• Career Interviewing
• Resolving Conflict
• Counseling & Discipline
• Employee Motivation
• Group Decision Making
• Stress Management
• Performance Coaching
• Active Listening
• Continuous Quality Improvement
• Conference Leadership

Our training makes accepting training easier because it:
• Makes learning fun and interesting
• Increases class participation
• Challenges employees and tests their skills
• Builds practical on-the-job skills
• Helps identify employees’ strengths,
weaknesses and leadership potential