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:: Outline of the program


  1. Description of a Union Buster (are you a Union Buster) 
  2. Communication that will get you a Union 
  3. Factors Affecting Propensity to Unionize 
  4. Why do they sign 
  5. The Psychological Contract 
  6. Examples 
  7. How do Unions Get In? 
  8. Consider This, Team Matrix
  9. Union Campaign What you should not do 
  10. Union Campaign What you can and should do 
  11. Have Empathy for your employees 
  12. Union activity and Management check list 
  13. Be aware of your business 
  14. Where Do You Begin? 
  15. Employees Five Steps to Organizing  a Union 
  16. What Unions tell employees belonging to a Union gives you 
  17. The Corner Stones of a Union Drive
  18. What can you do? 
  19. Be aware, be prepared Do Not wait for a fire to buy a fire extinguisher


How to make your Business UNattractive to Unions


Meeting a Union at a certification hearing is  inevitable! So if you really don't want a union, then the best way to avoid a certification hearing is to not have one.

The comprehensive contents of our workshop can help you oppose or prevent a successful union assault. Our  systems  are designed to satisfy both your need for proven easily-understood union avoidance information, and your sense of urgency. Our workshop  will also help those companies who are already unionized and wish to legally encourage their employees to decertify the union as bargaining agent. ( this can be done legally)

Why are so many Union campaigns successful? Simply stated, employers make it very easy for them to sign up their staff.

Look at it this way, with your business if you had 2 customers who you thought would yield the same revenue. One was going to be very high maintenance and you were going to have to spend a great deal of time and resources in order to obtain that business. The other  customer was basically holding the door open for you and putting up very little resistance. Which one would you go after?

That is why you do not want to be the "Low Hanging Fruit", if your staff are the ones fighting the Union it discourages any Union activity very quickly.

Our systems have been proven over and over, they work, to date, not one company who has taken the program has been certified or even  had a serious attack by a Union.  Contact  Don Ewart in confidence, have the program delivered to your managers and executive.