:: Personality Profile
Personality profile  system is designed to sort out some of the mystery behind the applicant or co-worker by giving you, the manager, the tools necessary to test the true personality and knowledge of an person. The system, according to the programmers, may also be used for training, promoting, transferring, evaluating, team projects or as an outplacement service.



The biggest source of financial waste in many organizations is staff turnover. When hiring, you want to make the right decision the first time. Employment testing - especially profile testing - is a legal solution that is now widely accepted by candidates and hiring managers.

One of the main reasons your top people are working out so well is because of their personality, character and talent traits. They have what it takes to do the job and to work for you under your management style. If you test all employees in a fine tuned well working department, you will find they are very close in personality type and share the same character and talent traits. This is no accident. They became what they are because of their personalities. Most good accountants are C/A type personalities. Most good hair stylists are B/D personalities. The personality "fits" the position and they find the position rewarding. By knowing what personality your best employees are, you can now hire other employees that "fit" right in and will do a good job. Hiring the wrong personality will cause the department to lose morale and you may end up with a major problem all because of one employee