:: Can you negotiate a CBA

Here is a simple test:

  • How many hours per week do you spend reading the latest arbitration and labour board decisions?
  • What is bad faith bargaining?
  • What do you have to disclose to a Union during bargaining?
  • Which clauses do every Union need or want in a CBA
  • How do you ensure that these clauses do not encumber your ability to manage the business?
  • What do you know about the Union negotiator who will be sitting across from you?
  • Where will you get the language you are proposing?
  • Will this language stand the test if taken to arbitration,
  • What, you won't take it to arbitration?
  • Why have it then?
  • Do you know the history of the language that the Union is proposing?
  • Do you really know the implications of that language?


Negotiating a Collective Agreement


Answer this question, if you were a golfer would you play a professional golfer a round of golf with the prize being the control of your company?

Why would you chance going against  a Union negotiator who does nothing but negotiate collective agreements 5 days per week every week of the year?

When was the last time you read the Labour Act? Do you know all of the decisions that the labour Board has passed which interpret the act itself?

You would be surprised how many companies and or managers who feel that since they negotiate deals all the time can get the best deal in a collective agreement against a professional.

Negotiating a Collective Agreement is a stressful time for any Company. Labour decisions may be made or agreed upon that have serious financial implications for the company and the damage may not be realized until it is too late.

 Companies are constantly exposed to employee issues which result in either the loss of valuable employees or employee dissatisfaction in the form of grievances through the Collective Agreement.

What happens when a Know-it-all owner who knows nothing about bargaining  takes on the CAW. Click here

The bottom line here is, do want  months of turmoil and  a life time with a bad CBA? If the answer is no then click here.